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Q. How much more will a Concrete Home Cost?

A. Depending on home plan, about 3% to 7% more than conventional wood framing. A home owner will save on heating and cooling and home owners insurance and recover the extra construction cost in a short time.

Q. How much will I save on heating and cooling?

A. On average a home owner will save 44% for heating and 32% for air conditioning costs. These savings depend on style of home.

Q. How do I attach finishes?

A. Most ICF's have standard "furring" made of metal or plastic at 8 inches on center. These "furring strips" will accommodate a variety of exterior finishes.

Q. How do I install plumbing and electrical.

A. Most ICF's forms are very easy to use. The foam can be routed or cut out and plumbing or electrical lines placed in the space that was cut away. Contact your local ICF distributor to answer more of your questions and see why we say "Beautiful homes built to last that's the beauty of today's Concrete.